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Driver Training

We are experts in providing high-end training, whether for test drivers, engineers, civil servants and military members, or for executive drivers on security detail teams. This is the Driving Concept world, and you are more than welcome to join us!


When it comes to the future of mobility, Driving Concept is here to open the door and act as a guide along the way. We are fully committed to electromobility, powered up to offer our customers everything from technical seminars, sales training and customer events to needs analyses, fleet management and driving comparisons.


You ask, and we provide, from standard offers to solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you simply want to see your completed concept expertly implemented or you want us to work with you to create a plan, we turn your ideas into reality. Whenever you want, wherever you want. Driving Concept, where everything is sorted

If you add up the years of experience our team members have, the number would exceed the amount of years the car itself has been in existence. We are always on the ball, thanks to our excellent industry contacts and the hundreds of training courses and events we hold each year — giving our customers the benefit of our invaluable expertise.
Driving Concept – performance through passion.

Boxberg Forum


Our new Boxberg Forum Training and Competency Centre adjacent to the Bosch Proving Grounds is available as an event location in the scenic region of Tauberfranken, Germany, for conventions, seminars, presentations and other events. We are happy to offer support as a full service provider in the organisation, conception, implementation and subsequent wrap-up of your event. You can find detailed information here.


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