E-Mobility is increasingly on the rise. The vehicles are getting lighter, the batteries have ever higher capacity and the charging infrastructure is constantly improving. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are currently investing billions into improving vehicle and battery performance and increasing the appeal and acceptance of electric vehicles.

Electromobility for your company

  • Are you considering purchasing one or more electric vehicles for your company or municipality, but would feel more comfortable getting to grips with the overall subject first?
  • Do you already have one or more electric vehicles in operation at your company or in your municipality and would like to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge for using them?
  • Are you seeking competent advice on the complex subject of electromobility or how to implement it in your fleet?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, Driving Concept is the right choice for you. We offer professional support in both theory and practice for all aspects of electromobility. We can even come directly to you, if desired.

Electromobility Seminars

We offer a variety of seminars in the field of electromobility. Depending on your needs, these modules can be custom tailored to demand.

Our Seminars

Within the scope of our seminars, we offer you various modules - we will be happy to put together a seminar exactly tailored to your needs, which will train you and your employees in a fit manner.

Example module: Application of e-Mobility

Goals and requirements for the theoretical part (1/2 a day)

  • Imparting technical details in the field of e-Mobility.
  • Clear and structured presentation of different functionalities.

Seminar Content

  • Comparison between conventional and electrically driven vehicles.
  • Overall Consumption and efficiency of motors.
  • Efficiency advantages of electric drive.
  • Design/technology and functionality of electric vehicles.
  • Charging technologies.
  • Market overview of vehicles.

Goals and requirements for the practical part

  • Driving experience of electric cars (including economical driving under optimal operating conditions).
  • Practical instruction on the correct handling of electric vehicles.

Test-drive content (1/2 a day):

  • Experiencing the electric Car.
  • Influences on battery-range
  • Driving-oriented consumption analyses.
  • Perfect linking of theory and practice


For your test drives, either you can use your own electrical vehicle or we provide one on request. Per two Participants, only one vehicle is needed, one drives while the co-driver learns along!


Auto Event Forum Boxberg, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2, 97944 Boxberg or directly at your place.

Price on request

Are you looking for the perfect partner for Electromobility? Look no further.

The Driving Concept GmbH: a member of the “Bundesverband eMobilität”